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We have a dynamic work concept, with several opportunities for growth, through Stock Options, comprehensive placement of interns, possibilities for changing areas and growth in the company.





The future is made of interns

We are enthusiasts of learning and fresh minds! Our high hiring rate of young talent is proof of the confidence we have in Gaudium's culture.

First of all, we look inside

We believe in the plurality of talents and we see the goals of each Gauder. Therefore, before filling a new vacancy, we check whether any employee wants and has the ability to change roles or teams.

Discover Stock Option

Our highest award can lead you to become a Gaudium partner!

How does Stock Option work?

When performing excellent work and demonstrating commitment to the team's objectives, the employee may be invited to participate in the Stock Option program, through which he progressively receives shares from the company.

To infinity and beyond

When Gaudium grows, Gauder grows with it. Our daily effort is based on the philosophy that it has to be good for everyone. For this reason, individual and collective deliveries in the team are seen and tirelessly rewarded.

Discover the history of Gaudium

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