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Gaudium Chess Challenge

Get ready for the Gaudium Chess Challenge 🏆, a challenging event where two renowned chess players will face off.

The Inaugural Challenge

For this inaugural edition, we had an epic showdown between generations: Brazilian Grandmaster (GM) Krikor Mekhitarian and Argentinian FIDE Master (MF) Faustino Oro.

At just ten years old, Faustino, known in Argentina as the "Messi of Chess," is a true prodigy, being the youngest player to reach the 2300 FIDE rating mark and also achieve a norm for International Master (IM).

Krikor, at 37, is a two-time Brazilian champion, currently ranking third in the national FIDE standings, and has twice participated in the Chess World Cup.

See how the match went!

Gaudium Chess Masters

See what happened in previous pictures

Gaudium's chess tournament brings together great chess players for epic clashes! Check out the previous clashes.

Talentos e Prodígios

Talents and Prodigies

The aim of the series is to tell inspiring stories of prominent Brazilian men and women, in different areas of life, who also have a professional or amateur relationship with chess.


Chess Explained

Chess logic is in the technology professional's blood. Strategy, concentration, creativity. Chess and Gaudium have a great objective in common: to stimulate thinking minds.

If you like chess, you've come to the right place.

Gaudium's partnership with Grandmaster Rafael Leitão aims to attract the great minds of the chess community, who enjoy challenges and solving problems. Here you can find all the details about Gaudium Chess Masters, Chess Explained logic challenges and more!


Gaudium is a technology company

We produce software for mobility and logistics businesses throughout Brazil. We are the largest developer in the segment.

The company is made up of people, and people are not just made up of their professions. We believe that listening to our employees and giving them space to develop other skills is the right way to create a healthy work environment.

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