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Our Purpose

Bruno Muniz

Gaudium's purpose is to create technology to solve the world's problems. Machine is our flagship product, serving the mobility and logistics markets.


It's in our blood and it's our passion to develop easy-to-use technological solutions that solve the pains and needs of the mobility and logistics ecosystem in Brazil and, in the future, in the world.


Contributing cutting-edge technology to the evolution of the world is what moves us.

Founding partner

Ricardo Góes

Founding partner

Our purpose is to boost the urban mobility and delivery markets in small and medium-sized Brazilian cities.

Machine enables these services in cities that do not have the presence of large players such as Uber and 99, often being the only option for a portion of the population. In those where these giants are present, our partners are very competitive because they better understand the pains of each city.

We are helping to create a new market, worldwide, and the challenges are present at every moment.

Our values


Team work

Samara Mendes

CS Supervisor

When I started at Gaudium, I saw that one of the company's values ​​was teamwork. What I didn't know was that this value was EVEN in people's blood. When we have a mission, we divide the tasks and in the end it's success for the whole team! I think the way we work and support each other is beautiful.

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